Back on Track DUI Program for First Time Offenders in Miami-Dade, Coral Gables and the State of Florida

Many people who are arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI) are first time offenders who are never arrested again.  Because of the fact that most DUI arrestees are not otherwise engaged in criminal behavior, the Miami State Attorney’s Office began a program called Back on Track.

The Back on Track program has two levels, or tiers.  Some defendants with the least serious cases are eligible for the shorter tier, which is Tier 1.  Defendants with more serious cases may be eligible for Tier 2, which is slightly longer and has more stringent requirements.

The Back on Track DUI program, or BOT, may be a good resolution for a DUI client because when the program is over, the charge is reduced to a lesser criminal traffic charge and is eligible for sealing from public view.

Some clients may not want to participate in the program, however, for a variety of reasons. If the arrest was unwarranted, or the officers failed to follow proper procedure when administering the roadside exercises or the breath test, the client may have a valid defense and prefer to proceed to trial.

Miami DUI Attorney Michelle Estlund works with her DUI clients to evaluate their cases, analyze the application of the law to the facts of their individual cases, and determine whether a BOT offer is the best resolution under the circumstances, or whether the client should engage in the discover process and proceed to trial.