White Collar Criminal Attorney

The term, “white collar crime” refers to the types of non-violent crimes that are committed by business and government professionals with a financial motivation.

The crimes falling under the category of white collar crimes might include falsification of financial information, fraudulent trades designed to inflate profits or hide losses; illicit transactions designed to evade regulatory oversight, self-dealing by corporate insiders, insider trading, kickbacks, misuse of corporate property for personal gain; and individual tax violations related to self-dealing, fraud, late trading, certain market timing schemes, and falsification of net asset values.

One of the primary issues in any white collar case is that of the loss to the victims.  The larger the alleged loss, the more seriously the prosecutor will treat the case, and the worse the penalty that they seek will be.  A main goal in a white collar case, in addition to the obvious issue of the innocence or guilt of the client, is the real, verifiable loss amount.  When we are able to demonstrate that the loss amount is lower than the government initially believes it to be, we can more strongly advocate for better treatment for our client.