Immigration Co-counsel


INTERPOL Is our expertise

Ms. Estlund has represented clients who were wanted by INTERPOL from every continent on the globe. She has the knowledge and experience necessary to assist them in seeking removal of their names from INTERPOL’s databases.

There is no INTERPOL matter we cannot handle


We Work With Your Immigration Attorney

we often work alongside our clients’ immigration attorneys to help the immigration court understand why an INTERPOL notice is flawed; what we are doing to seek its removal; and what the truth is about the INTERPOL notice.

We Will Make the Court Understand Your Case

Immigration courts can only rely on the information the parties present; we help our clients present the full picture of a case to the immigration court.

you are not alone

Beyond Immigration Co-Counsel

There are many different types of INTERPOL notices, and Ms. Estlund has experience handling them all.

Issues that may arise in INTERPOL cases

Michelle Estlund has represented clients wanted by INTERPOL from every continent


Preemptive Requests

We build clients’ cases early and contact INTERPOL before they ever receive a request.


building your case

We are experienced in building every type of INTERPOL case.


achieving your goals

We care about the outcome of your case for you and your family and will be there every step of the way, and every step after.